Job Description

  • Meeting with and examining patients who have pulmonary diseases, disorders, or complications
  • Conducting, performing, and analyzing diagnostic and function tests to assess lung capacity and capability
  • Working with physicians and nurses to create treatment plans
  • Treating patients with aerosol medications and chest physiotherapy
  • Evaluating progress of treatment
  • Administering inhalants
  • Documenting care by updating charts and records
  • Operating mechanical ventilators and other machines
  • Completing discharge planning by working with other members of the medical team
  • Training patients how to administer treatments and use equipment on their own
  • Recommending equipment and treatment for outpatient or home health
  • Protecting patients (and other healthcare employees) through stringent protocols
  • Perform the other duties as maybe assigned to you from time to time by the corporation.


  • Any four year course associate in nursing and certified Respiratory Therapist
  • At least two (2) year work experience