Job Description

  • To perform all x-ray examination at minimum cost without sacrificing quality.
  • To receive, assist and immobilizes patient in accordance with commonly accepted procedure and commensurate with physical and mental condition of each patient.
  • Perform all X-ray examination, special procedures such as Barium Enema, upper Gastro intestinal series, intravenous Pyelography, Esophagram.
  • Position patient appropriately for radiographic or similar physiologic processes.
  • Prepares and administer upon the order of the radiologist or other physicians or prepares for administration of any ingestible and injectable contrast media for the radiographic demonstration of anatomic structure or physiological processes.
  • Developed exposed radiographic films of all type as requires using Automatic processor or PACS machine method.
  • Give proper schedule for in-patient and out-patients to be done the following days or weeks.
  • Helping the clerk or receptionist in sorting and filing of finished radiograph.
  • Retrieving of old films for comparison.
  • Warding of results.
  • Perform the other duties as maybe assigned to you from time to time by the corporation


  • Graduate of BS in Radiologic and Licensed Radiologic Technologist.
  • At least two (1) Year work experience