Job Description

  • Fills prescription and dispensing of drugs.
  • Dispenses and distributes drugs and medicines for in-patients or out-patients in the hospital setting in compliance to the doctor’s prescriptions.
  • Labels all drug containers issued to various services.
  • Checks the manufacturing and expiration dates and labels of drugs.
  • Posts delivery receipts and records issuance of drug to bin cards and issue report forms after every shifts.
  • Fills prescription and maintains them for required number of years as prescribed by law.
  • Provides information to patients on the usage of medicines, especially if the course of medicines is complex. Answers questions and provides advice about medication orders to staff nurse, patients, and caregiver.
  • Keeps a monthly physical inventory of drugs to assigned gondola.
  • Gives information on the current restrictions or requirements concerning dispensation of prohibited and regulated drugs.
  • Attends scientific seminars/workshop, consultative meetings and continuing education and drug related matters and hospital pharmacy practices.
  • Participates in quality assurance program of the pharmaceutical services.
  • Keeps a record of control drugs. Updates entries on the following books: poison book, prescription book, and dangerous drug book.
  • Assist in the preparation of requisition to forwarded drug items for procurement.
  • Updates all logbooks and other necessary documents/requirements in the inspection of the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD).
  • Takes responsibility to provide the necessary benefit provided for by law to all senior citizen.
  • Perform the other duties as maybe assigned to you from time to time by the corporation.


  • Graduate of BS in Pharmacy and License Pharmacist
  • At least one (1) year work experience