Job Description

1.Conduct Physical count of the following:

  • Cashiers Collection
  • Petty Cash Fund
  • Doctors Professional Fees
  • TV Remote Control Deposit
  • Revolving Fund

2. Conduct spot physical inventories of the following:

  • X-Ray films (spoilage and used supplies) of radiology department or every quarter.
  • Pharmaceutical and CSR inventories.
  • E-Meds cart of floor station/nurses station.
  • Hospital Equipment/ Properties in coordination with the property custodian.
  • Other charging departments

3. Conduct monitoring of proper documentation (hard copy filing) of procedures done at the following:

  • Ultrasound Mach chine (Radiology Department)
  • Ultrasound machine (Cardio-Pulmo department/heart station)

4. Cost and system audit of the following department:

  • Endoscopy
  • Rehabilitation
  • ICU
  • Operating Room Laparoscopic Machines & Doctors corresponding PF
  • Laboratory
  • And other department assigned by the Internal Auditor Head from time to time.

5. Random checking of specific medicine at Pharmacy during purchase requisition to justify need for purchase and volume quantity of purchase.

6. Validate request of purchase of Linens as part of inventory and costing control.

7. Monitoring out-patient charges for salary deduction done by the payroll staff of accounting department.

8. Verification/validation of implementation of memo such as:

  • Hospital Sharing of Junior - Consultant PF at OR
  • Other concerned memo assigned from time to time

9. Monitoring of Consumption of supplies issued by the CSR to all dependents.

10. Validate/Verify reports such as:

  • Receivables (Philhealth , HMO / Industrial & Promissory Note)
  • Other report validation assigned from time to time.


  • Certified Public Accountant
  • At least one (1) year work experience